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Dear Beekeepers,

Thank you for visiting our Web Site. Here you will find descriptions of Ross Round Comb Section equipment, much information on its use, and answers to some of your questions.  In the United States and Canada over 90% of comb honey sections are produced in Ross Rounds equipment.  We believe our success is because our products are manufactured especially to help beekeepers produce beautiful comb honey sections with a minimum amount of labor.

You can obtain our equipment at reasonable prices from most national and regional dealers in the USA and Canada as well as dealers in several other countries. If you would like the name of a dealer near you please

We sell direct only in wholesale quantities to dealers,  and large sideline or commercial beekeepers. We will be pleased to quote on your wholesale needs. Please

There is a substantial market for good quality round comb honey sections, offering excellent profit potential. In the US, Ross Round sections weighing 8 ounces retail for approximately four times the price of liquid honey and for approximately the same price as comb honey in 12-ounce packages. Beekeepers in high yield areas should seriously consider commercial production of large quantities of round sections. Those in areas with average or poor nectar flows can still produce substantial quantities of sections, but will need to pay more attention to management technique.

In the fall of 1997, this company was transferred to Lloyd Spear of Guilderland, NY. This change was made to assure the continuation of Ross Rounds, Inc. as a source of round section equipment and supplies far into the future. Lloyd and I will be working closely together during the next several months to assure your continued satisfaction.

It has been my great personal pleasure to get to know so many of you by phone, fax, and personal meetings. I have done my best to serve you and I know you will enjoy doing business with Lloyd. A beekeeper for more than 30 years, Lloyd is committed to continue to produce the highest quality goods at fair prices and with the best service. We hope you will use our equipment, enjoy using it, and profit from it. There is no better way to get to know bees than by raising comb honey.

Finally, Lloyd and I hope you will contact us with your questions concerning producing or marketing comb honey and keeping bees for that purpose. We will be adding a "frequently asked questions" to the site, and invite your input and suggestions. If you have specific or general suggestions or criticisms on this website, we welcome those as well.

We strive to produce the highest quality goods possible. We hope you will try our equipment, and enjoy using it.

Thank you for visiting with us.



Tom Ross


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